How to configure a secure IMAP E-Mail Account in Outlook 2016

This tutorial will help you to configure a secure IMAP E-Mail Account in Outlook 2016.

POP3 will ensure your messages are fully downloaded to your computer. IMAP will sync your mails. If you wish to check your E-Mail on multiple computers or devices, IMAP is the preferred option.

1) To add new account to Outlook 2016 click on File >> Add Account:


2) Select Manual setup or additional server types and hit Next >


3) Select POP or IMAP and hit Next >


4) Fill in your:

User Information:

- Your Name: As you would like it to appear in the From field of outgoing emails.

- Email Address: The E-Mail account we are configuring.

Server Information:

 - IMPORTANT: Account Type: select IMAP.

To get your Incoming and Outgoing Server: Login to your cPanel >> Email Accounts >> Select More from the Actions on any E-Mail account >> Configure Email Account >> Browse down to: Manual Settings >> Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended) >> Incoming and Outgoing Server: are the ones you are looking for.

Logon Information:

- Username: Same as the E-Mail account we are configuring.

- Password: Enter the E-Mail account's password here.

Tick v Remember Password

Tick v Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

click More Settings...


4-1) Select the Outgoing Server tab >> tick v My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication >> select User same settings as my incoming mail server and click on the Advanced tab:


4-2) At the Advanced tab, fill in your:

- Incoming server (IMAP) port: 993

- Connection: SSL

- Outgoing Server (SMTP) port: 465

- Connection: SSL

- Click OK:


4-3) You should be back to the main POP and IMAP Account Settings window. Click on Next >


5) The Outlook 2016 will perform a quick Test. If you have successfully completed the E-Mail account configuration, you should see:


If not - go through the 4), 4-1) and 4-2) steps again.

6) You're all set!


7) Click on Finish will take you to your new Inbox:


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Open Ticket section within your MyKualo client area.

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